Walled city with etruscan roots, home of the Pope in the 13th century, and situated on the Via Francigena.  

To see: Palazzo dei Priori with frescos related to the founding of the city; the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the Palazzo Papale where one can admire the room of the Conclave; the medieval quarter of San Pellegrino with its profferli ; la Rocca Albornoz which hosts the national Etruscan Museum


In Viterbo, one can bathe in the hot water, sulfer baths from the spring of Bullicame, in the moumental pool of Terme dei Papi, in the baths of Bagnaccio, or at the Masse di San Sisto


villa lante

One of the most famous Italian gardens with manneristic figurines from the 16th century. 

The gardens are the principal attraction of Villa Lante with their many water tricks, fountains, and dripping caves. The construction of the Villa goes back to 1566 and was commissioned by Cardinale Gambara for Vignola.

Distance 5 Km


Beautiful and ancient little town, with evidence of Etruscan settlement.

To see: Basilica of San Pietro and Basilica of Santa Maria, la Necropoli Madonna dell'Ulivo with la Grotta della Regina and the Tombe Curunas, the archeological area of Colle of San Pietro, the archeological museum.

Distance 23 Km



Designed in 1547 by the architect Pirro Ligorio at the wish of the prince Pier Francesco Orsini.

In the three hectares of the park, there is not only a great number of sculptures portraying mythological animals, but also buildings that evoke the classical world and challenge esthetic and prospective rules with the goal of confusing the viewer.   

Distance 24 Km


Palazzo farnese

One of the best examples of a residence from the mannerist epoch, the palace was constructed for the Farnese family. 

Grandiose and majestic, pentagonal building that includes five stories and an internal, central corridor.

Of notable significance are the "Giardini di sopra" and the "Giardini bassi,"  the Palazzina del Piacere, and the fantastic fountains.

Distance 21 Km



Evocative village that rises on tuff rock and clay, its geographic conformation has caused, in the course of the centuries, a crumbling that has left this charming town like an island, only connected by a 300mt bridge crossible on foot.   

Distance 30 Km



Fascinating, medieval city that is the very symbolic for Etruscan art.

To see: La Città Etrusca, the Necropoli Etrusca of Monterozzi, the National Etruscan Museum found in the Palazzo Vitelleschi, the historical center with its medieval churches...

Distance 43 Km

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